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I’ve got a bunch of pictures of random Engrish (bad English) that I’ve found around TransWorld. If only people would ask for help or use spell check or pull out a dictionary, this could all be avoided.

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The Transworld Ambassadord? AmbassadorS.

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This was a booklet that was handed out for some reason or another. I forget, really. The cover is OK, but once you look inside…

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“Just do it Transworld”.

First, the school’s name is now TransWorld, with a capital W. Second, you need a comma and some punctuation: “Just do it, TransWorld!” Third, you may be guilty of copyright infringement. Nike lawyers will be calling.

The back page had a convenient memo pad Meno pad.

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Finally, there was a large sign that went with the booklet:

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They even managed to print it unevenly. How do you do that?

Here’s a t-shirt that was made for the students who helped with freshman orientation:

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Let’s see here. First, it should be ’99, not 99″. Next, you want them to “experience freshman”? What does that mean? You want to students to have sex with the freshman? How should they experience him/her/them?

Obviously, they didn’t ask for any help. If they had, I would have told them “Freshman Experience.” Come on, use a Google search. Google for “experience freshman” and every result that comes up shows “Freshman experience.” Why do you have to continue with naivety? Too proud to ask for help? The internet is huge. The answers are all there!

Ugh… moving on.

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English has rules for capitalization. We Don’t Capitalize Every Single Word In The Sentence. I suppose you can for graphic presentations such as this, but at least get it right half the time before you start experimenting.

Second, “You needs the chance” is grammatically wrong. The verb doesn’t agree with the subject. It should be “You need the chance” (no “s” on “need”). This is something every freshman learns in Grammar class and every sophomore learns in Writing class.

Last one.

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Notice anything wrong? Here, take another look:

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They misspelled the name of the school.

All of these mistakes could have been avoided. Why weren’t they?

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