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Posted by Ryan on November 16, 2014 in Technology, Transworld |

It is often customary when an item breaks to replace it with an item of similar functionality (a lateral transition) or an item of enhanced functionality (an advance). Not so in Taiwan, however, and not at TransWorld. Case in point: our old water machine.

I do not have a picture of the old water machine, but it looked much like other watch machines do: several buttons, two spigots, and the option of hot, warm, or cold water. I loved this, because I always drink cold water. Why Taiwanese like to drink warm/hot water is something I will never understand. I do, however, fully see the benefit of hot water for tea, coffee, noodles, etc, but I just don’t use it for drinking that often. I prefer cold.

However, I rarely got cold. Our water machine was old and often broken. When it wasn’t broken, the cold water would come out at 30+ degrees, the same as warm water. Finally, someone has done something about this, and we have a new water machine. HUZZAH!

New water machine

New water machine

Or, maybe not. You will notice right away the presence of all mentioned before: several buttons, two spigots and options for hot, warm, and… err… wait a minute. Hot, warm, and WARM?

Someone please explain the logic of this to me. Let’s keep in mind ONE THING; It is IMPOSSIBLE to use both spigots at the same time. I’ve tried.  No combination of button presses allows you to get water from both spigots at the same time, so why the hell is there no cold option? I cannot possibly get warm water out of both spigots at the same time, as if there was ever or will ever be such a need that we need that much warm water at once. So where has my cold water gone?

This is what I was talking about earlier. They could have made a lateral transition and gotten a water machine of similar functionality, but no. They didn’t even advance with better functionality. Instead, in true TransWorld style, they went BACKWARDS. They actually LOST functionality, because now we don’t even have the option of getting cold water. What’s more – they PAID to lose functionality. TransWorld at its best.

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